In the middle of the night it came to me, a bridge to your ecstasy...

Don't sit waiting for the thing to come, get lit, feel the power of one

Jed Layton
14 October
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I was drowning in champagne eyes
Skipping along in compromise
When dignity rattled me on the back
And my rebel mind needed to attack

Don't sit waiting for the thing to come
Get lit feel the power of the one
Don't sit waiting for the thing to come
Get lit feel the power of the one


Born Jedediah Lynden, he was the first victim of Merlin's curse, the spell that brought him back from the grave. The son of archaeologist Dr. Martin Lynden, two year old Jedediah was taken in early on by the newly christened Merle when the wizard realized the boy had powerful magic potential.

Jedediah was immediately sent not simply to the faerie courts, but into the faerie realms to train. In the span of weeks, he lived and labored for years, returning exactly one month after he was sent away...no longer a toddler, but a grown man of twenty.

For the next hundred and twenty years, Jedediah and Merle became as father and son to each other. Reared by the fey with full awareness of what Merle had done, in time Jed learned to forgive his surrogate father for the death of his true one. Though their paths converge and part from time to time, the pair are strongly united despite their differences, and are, in their own way, the only family either man has got.


Going by the name Jed Layton in the present day, Jed runs a shop much like his father does in Searchlight. Though not specifically an occult shop, Still Water is a popular little coffee shop just down the street from McKenna Antiques & Artifacts, known for its singular teas and herbal remedies. Like McKenna's, Jed's shop comes under fire now and again for openly catering to the pagan community, but avoids some of the community backlash by playing down its arcane offerings.

Jed is a water mage, and is not immortal, but ages slowly by virtue of the faerie magicks he has mastered. In two hundred years, he's aged roughly ten or fifteen, and will continue to do so until the end of his life. Where Merle is a master of magicks in every form, Jed is a focused and well-versed master of the fey magick he was trained to use. Most in tune with the element of Water, he is as much a slave to it as he is a master. Though powerful, he is incapable of performing any form of magic without the use of water.


Not Christian Kane. Not Jed Layton. Jed is my own creation, and dabbles in the Buffyverse fandom. Don't sue, don't steal, don't do crack. Crack is bad. Unless it's fandom crack, so. :P

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